Panzer Dragoon OVA (VHS 512x384) [peachflavored]

2019-10-10 20:34 UTC
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Behold! Panzer Dragoon OVA for the first time ever (I guess) subtitled in english! About this project ------------------ This is another one of those projects that was on the wait list. The OVA itself is pretty crappy and I'm guessing that not even fans of the games will enjoy this. Nonetheless, there wasn't any english subtitled version available with just one in French and another in Brazilian Portuguese, both hardsubbed. That's when the one peach army comes to the rescue and delivers! Using the Brazilian Portuguese version as the starting point (it's my native language after all) I re-translated the script to European Portuguese and then proceeded with the English script. It's not the best or ideal scenario but for this it worked. With some very little knowledge of Japanese and common sense I tweaked things until they seemed okay to me and hopefully to whoever wants to watch this without listening to that horrible english dub. What's done ----------- I wrote the script from the ground up, line by line, timing it along the way (it was kinda faster than I thought) and then after finishing the Portuguese file, I translated everything into English to the best of my abilities. I also edited and revised both scripts but as usual, errors might still be present. I aim to deliver my best but oh well... I decided to include the English dub but didn't bother transcribing the audio into text or translating it into Portuguese, I figured it would be a waste of time (as if translating crappy anime wasn't). xD What's not done --------------- A final release. Since the video quality is so bad, I'd like to get my hands on a much better source, I'd say laserdisc would be the best bet for this. The audio is also on the crappy side but I managed to include a better Japanese track from another source (ARR's original Japanese audio was worse). If something pops up, I'll release a v2. As usual, someone please add this to AniDB since I'm way to lazy... Specs ----- Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 512x384 23.976fps (h264 high L2.1, yuv420p, 512x384) Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo Japanese Audio [jpn] (aac lc, 44100 Hz, stereo), AAC 44100Hz stereo English Audio [eng] (aac lc, 44100 Hz, stereo) Subtitles: English (.ass) and Portuguese (PT) (.ass) Special thanks -------------- ARR - For releasing this with both audio tracks Jaburtufo - For taking the time and effort in the past translating this plus the Japanese track with better quality I'll be seeding this until 1:1 at least so if any caring soul wants to help, it's much welcome! It's not much but enjoy this release and until next time good sirs! xD ~peachflavored

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Thanks for this rare shares!
Thanks! Another rare OVA subbed is great (VHS better than nothing)