Oh My Goddess! v07-20 (2007-2012) (Digital) (Mr. Kimiko)

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    • Oh My Goddess! v20 (2012) (Digital) (Mr. Kimiko).cbz (207.4 MiB)
Thanks for Volumes 19 and 20, Mr Kiriko. As always, your shares are the best. FYI, I did send a message to danke and I'm hoping they can get Fuuka volume 18. I'm just waiting for a reply. In the meantime, I'll also post a request on 4chan since their community of manga sharers are quite large as well. Stands a chance of hitting a broader audience of filesharers. If I happen to find a copy of it, I'll be sure to post it for sharing here on Nyaa. Can't wait for more Oh My Goddess volumes. My number one favorite manga series.
Maybe it would've been better to upload volumes 31-48 first? Since people are more likely to continue from the anime? But still thanks for the upload
Many thanks :^)
many thanks for the new vol's :-) the first time I ever ran across this manga, was either the end of 1988, or very early 1989 ... and back then the pages were "flipped" so that they read like an American comic (upper left to bottom right) ... it wasn't easy to even find it back over 20 years ago so I ended up losing track of it ... now that it is out in digital format I am going to try reading it all the way through this time
The reason why the manga wasn’t easy to find back then was simply that the “comic book publishing format” that Dark Horse released Oh My Goddess in, had extremely low print runs. Back when most standard comic books were getting 100,000 copies or more per issue, Dark Horse didn’t have much faith that fans would pick up on the series.Toren Smith had so much faith in the manga that he had to cajole Dark Horse by agreeing to pay for the publishing costs (and I believe the distribution costs) which would bring Dark Horse on board. They would merely act as publishing agent (in name only). I believe the first (mini) series for the manga had print runs of between 8,000 to 12,000 copies per issue. Another condition that Dark Horse imposed was that they wanted only the chapters published that corresponded with the original OVA series, resulting in out of order chapters. However, as each issue was published, Dark Horse would realized the popularity of the manga and they would increase the print run with each issue. It would become the most popular manga series that they had ever published.
Dark Horse has published the manga consecutively since 1994, making it the longest running manga series they have ever published. It even won various awards and even got the seal of approval from many high school librarians. That would change when Dark Horse acquired Studio Proteus, folded the company into Dark Horse, canceled the "comic book format" and began re-publishing the manga series with brand new translations (more accurate this time around) in what is referred to as the 2nd Edition TPBs. BTW, for those who wanted the uploads to start from the 21st volume, hate to burst your bubble but the anime follows the manga, not the other way around, and the anime series skips over 50% of the manga chapters (director Hiroaki Gohda skipped a LOT of the manga chapters and only adapted those chapters that were interesting to him and skipped a lot of the chapters that focused on the romance of Keiichi and Belldandy).
Before anyone asks me why I know so much about this, I've been following, buying and reading and collecting this manga series since it s first published in 1994 and I had even corresponded with Toren Smith through email regarding the manga and knew things that most fans weren't aware of. This was all before he passed away. Toren Smith was perhaps the first person who introduced such a large number of manga to the American audience and he created Studio Proteus. Before he reached a partnership with Dark Horse comics, he started releasing the manga he translated and published through another independent company called Eclipse International, an imprint of Eclipse Comics. When they folded, he took his company to Dark Horse, who had expressed interest in publishing Japanese manga. Matter of fact, Appleseed, Dominion, Black Magic were all originally published by Eclipse International. Now, these manga are closely associated with Dark Horse Comics.
@ tempest21 ... thank you for the feedback about the early years of this manga here in America two series I really wish could be updated by someone are ... Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightning), the series ended over a year ago, and the last vol or two are still not out ... and ... Koi to Uso, the ch's are up to like 198, but the "official" vols I can find only go up to about v07, the fansubs have sooooo many missing pages it is worthless trying to read them on the fansub sites, so I keep hoping for "official" vols to read
I just checked and I do have the first ten volumes of Sweetness and Lightning. I'll look at uploading it in just a few. The 12th volume hasn't been released in North America yet and I don't have volume 11. Just to let you know, Sweetness and Lightning hasn't ended, it's being serialized by Kodansha in their Monthly Afternoon magazine. The 12th volume was released in Japan just recently and hasn't been scheduled for release in the U.S. just yet. Kodansha Comics has the North American rights to the manga. Just give me a little bit and I'll upload that manga. I've always been into manga, ever since Appleseed and Akira (two of the very first manga to see published in the United States). Matter of fact, Eclipse International, Epic Comics (Marvel Comics) were the first two publishing companies to release licensed manga, with Toren Smith's Studio Proteus leading the way.