Tenjo Tenge {Full Contact Edition} v04-06 (2012) (Digital) (Mr. Kimiko)

2019-03-10 04:55 UTC
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![Image](https://imagez.to/i/ObzRQL0Y.jpg) Tenjo Tenge {Full Contact Edition} v01 (2011) (Digital) (ASTC): https://userscloud.com/qja4lwtitgs5/Tenjo Tenjo Tenge {Full Contact Edition} v02 (2011) (Digital) (ASTC): https://userscloud.com/b29ldfnh93zp/Tenjo Tenjo Tenge {Full Contact Edition} v03 (2011) (Digital) (ASTC): https://userscloud.com/2c7gyni8ndta/Tenjo I can't help myself enjoy. I will buy more soon... Join US [**![Image](https://i.imgur.com/Lyr2lZw.png)**](https://discord.gg/Rq9rXXg) **Plz SEED** _Mr. Kimiko_

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Mr_Kimiko (uploader)

My first batch torrent of manga will be uploaded tomorrow.
Great work!! Could you do Gintama if there is a digital version for it?
Thanks for the upload. I hope you will continue the series.
Now this is looking good. Can you tell me why no one is picking up Prison School ? Almost every rippers I have talked to says it’s not worth it.
Woah thanks a lot dude.cant wait for the rest
@KOWBOY Would you buy something that you don’t like? I think that should answer your question. Opinions are subjective. Just because someone likes something, doesn’t mean others will. Maybe someone will get it if it starts to interest them enough.
Don't know if you care about manga quality, or you just rip whatever you like, but you should definitely give a try to Blade of the Immortal. Anyways thanks for Tenjo Tenge, It's always nice to read a manga by the great Great in good quality
Wow amazing, lots of good memories on this manga. :D
You are crazy and I love it!! Is this full color I presumed? I have the JPN raws full color :) Thanks!!
@NyaaSearch Naruhodo. I always thought rippers just pull it through with some scripts without paying. Sorry for being a noob. 🥺 And about the Manga, I haven’t read it yet nor watched the Anime. So I had no idea what it offers.
@KOWBOY It’s understandable. After all, not everyone knows what rippers sacrifice to provide for us. There are a lot of people out there who think they are entitled to free things without having to work for them. No one should assume anything is free. They’re rippers, not hackers. They still need to buy them before they can strip the DRM. That’s why I never ask for a series to be ripped. I only ask that they do their future rips using a better source while they’re at it, and I also never ask them to redo it either. They should buy what they like and decide if they want to share it or not.
Wow, I've been waiting for this for a long time! Many, many thanks!!